Saturday, April 3, 2010

Round Two Recap

Two rounds are in the books and we've narrowed the field down to the 16 best inventions of all-time. Here's the bracket:

Here's an in depth analysis of some of the closer matchups:

(3) Plastic wraps up (6) Paper, 58-42
We, the Couchwarmers, prefer plastic because it allows us to spend money we don't, you know, earn.  But we think both are integral items in our society. Without both paper and plastic, what would grocery store cashiers have to say?

(11) Condoms moisten (3) Concrete, 51-49
The fate of this matchup was in doubt until late, when condoms sacked up and dealt a final blow.  Concrete put up a strong fight but condoms were able to handle concrete's hard demeanor down the stretch.  Condoms will take on the internet in the Sweet 16 in a game sponsored by 

(6) Antibiotics roll over (3) Ball, 55-45
I was looking forward to a ball vs condoms matchup down the road, but alas, it was not meant to be.  Sophomore antics aside, antibiotics came out cold out of the gate and looked like they were allergic to defense, but their problems were cured by an early timeout. Penicillin is nice but I, for one, would endure a few more days of a sore throat in order to watch sports.  The readers don't agree, so antibiotics advances.

(2) Currency over (7) Anesthesia, 58-42
Some experts thought currency was spent after its first round win over playing cards but it was able to knock out anesthesia to advance to the Sweet 16.  Does this mean our readers like subsidized healthcare?

Stay tuned for the Sweet 16 and make sure to vote.  Enjoy opening night of the 2010 MLB season. Go Yankees.

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