Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery's WASPy Love-Child

But that's not the best part. The best part is that from 2000-2005, this guy taught at my school. He was a history teacher and a lacrosse coach. Then he got fired. So what did he do to get canned? 

Well, as I mentioned, he was the varsity lacrosse coach. After a game with a particularly number of questionable refereeing calls, most coaches would be frustrated, but impress to their team the importance of staying positive and of good sportsmanship. However, this is not what Coach Corrigan did.

Instead, he submitted the game's box score to the local newspaper. But in doing so, he listed the two referees' names as "Sucks" and "Blows," and changed the last name of one of the players on the opposing team -- a high school student, remember -- to "Cheats." This was all published in the Richmond Times-Dispatch the next day.

Good to see he's landed on his feet.

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