Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Links To Pass On

Pretty busy at work today but couldn't resist sharing the following:

1. If you live in Elmhurst, Illionois, you might want to start walking around with your eyes closed...

2. A baby was born with a penis on his back.  Imagine the different positions he'll be able to experiment with when he gets older...

3. A black British couple gave birth to a white baby.  You can make your own joke about this one.

4. And finally, on a more serious note, if you haven't tired of this subject yet (and really, you should read these even if you have) here are two articles that pretty much crown LeBron James as the world's biggest asshole.  Enjoy your Wednesday.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your Jason Whitlock Sycophantic Post

At approximately 3:40 PM this afternoon, Jason Whitlock of fame tweeted that he had a rant aimed at sportswriter Mitch Albom and he was looking for the right forum to post it on. Desperate for some PR (and hits), I tweeted incessantly to Mr. Whitlock to try to get him to consider Couchwarmers. I was beaten to the punch by the folks at Deadspin and The Big Lead. While many others would suspend their pathetic pursuit of celebrity at this point, I put the Couchwarmers above my own pride and, at the suggestion of my friend Ethan, decided to list a few reasons why Jason Whitlock should use the Couchwarmers as the venue for his diatribe.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Last LeBron Post (Unless He Signs With The Knicks)

Somebody explain this to me. Please. For the first time in my 20+ years as a sports fan (or at least since Mathias Kiwanuka inexplicably let go of Vince Young on 4th down and cost the Giants a playoff berth in 2006), I am completely at a loss.

What happened to LeBron James? And perhaps more importantly, what happened to his handlers who had so brilliantly created a narrative about who LeBron James is? LeBron supposedly had the competitive fire of Michael Jordan mixed with the selflessness of Magic Johnson. He was going to singlehandedly return glory to the NBA. He was a kid from Akron, Ohio who ditched high-profile agents, choosing instead to be represented by his hometown pals. Sure he had aspirations to be the first billionaire athlete, but his reputation and attachment to Ohio stood above all.

And that’s what makes this whole circus so dumbfounding.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

July 1: D-Day

The Couchwarmers twitter account is your source for all things NBA free agency on this highly-anticipated Thursday. I will be tweeting news and reaction all day long so for those of you who are unable to check a thousand different sports websites at work (like I am), stay tuned.