Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Your Jason Whitlock Sycophantic Post

At approximately 3:40 PM this afternoon, Jason Whitlock of foxsports.com fame tweeted that he had a rant aimed at sportswriter Mitch Albom and he was looking for the right forum to post it on. Desperate for some PR (and hits), I tweeted incessantly to Mr. Whitlock to try to get him to consider Couchwarmers. I was beaten to the punch by the folks at Deadspin and The Big Lead. While many others would suspend their pathetic pursuit of celebrity at this point, I put the Couchwarmers above my own pride and, at the suggestion of my friend Ethan, decided to list a few reasons why Jason Whitlock should use the Couchwarmers as the venue for his diatribe.

1. We post videos like this one on our blog:

2. The Couchwarmers are loyal readers and fans of Whitlock. That should go without saying but I said it anyway.

3. We need the help way more than Deadspin and The Big Lead. They're fantastic sites but Whitlock could really flex his muscles if he hopped on a site with a small readership and made it huge. It's like LeBron going on ESPN for "The Decision," only without the scathing criticism. That's right--I just compared LeBron to Jason Whitlock and ESPN to the Couchwarmers.

4. Our blog runs the gamut from sports to politics to competitive eating to unemployment. Sorta like Whitlock's tweets.

So there's your sales pitch, Jason. A simple shoutout would be nice but a guest post would be awesome. You're doing god's work out there. Let's help the little guy.

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  1. He should definitely take his talents to the couchwarmers