Friday, October 1, 2010

Shiny Suds

Sure, it's really an ad warning about the dangers of household chemicals, but I like to think of it as a dramatic re-enactment of what goes on inside the Jets' locker room. The large loofah-loving bubble is obviously Rex Ryan.

On tap for the weekend:

Golf. Don't tread. Let's keep the Ryder Cup where it belongs. This is especially nice for all you insomniacs out there -- broadcasts are live from Europe every night this weekend starting at 2:30AM. Although this one's gonna be a little less fun to watch this one without Boo "Happy Gilmore" Weekley there.

Football. Two primetime matchups of top-ten teams. Alabama shouldn't have any real trouble with Florida, but Stanford-Oregon should be a pretty exciting game.

Last weekend of regular season baseball. Some races are still close, like the NL Wild Card race. I'm sure there are at least five people in Atlanta and San Diego that are going to be enjoying that this weekend. To everyone else -- enjoy your football, golf, and hourly updates from the Florida panhandle about some stupid basketball practice.

I still owe all of you a review of a Toronto baseball stadium. You'll get that next week, I promise. Also be on the lookout for a guest Couch Pretzels post. And of course if any of you feel so inclined to rant about anything here, we're always open to guest posts. Just send 'em in. Happy weekend.

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