Tuesday, March 30, 2010

First Round, Part II

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To all of you who voted yesterday, thank you. Results for both yesterday's and today's matchups will be posted tomorrow. But before we get day two of the first round started, let's deal with an issue that came up yesterday.

Many of you had problems with the inclusion of "Music" in our bracket, claiming that it's a discovery along the lines of electricity and fire, and not really an invention. Well we here at the Couchwarmers are a blog of the people. When you complain, we listen, especially when we completely agree with you. Therefore, "Music" has been given the boot. Hit the road, Jack, and don't you come back no more. Replacing it will be an item that we "dropped the ball" on, one that was submitted to us by simply telling us (not email) but that we forgot to bring up during our bracket discussion -- in fact, it is the very item that we dropped...the ball! The updated bracket is at the top.

Today, we'll be voting on the games in the Einstein Region and the Guttenberg Region. "But guys, Einstein's not an inventor! He's just a physicist!" Yes, we know. But with it currently being Passover, we felt that we needed some representation. Plus, he actually did invent something: a fridge that only needs a heat source to run. Perfect for pool parties. I'm sure Einstein had a sick tiki bar. Plus, he figured out why the sky is blue. That's pretty badass.

And now, on to the voting. Today's highlights include:

(8) Toothbrush vs. (9) Deodorant: Similar to a hypothetical England-Japan World Cup game.

(6) Livestock Domestication vs. (11) Condoms: Not to be used simultaneously. A never-ending supply of steak takes on a never-ending supply of bastard children.

(7) Boats vs. (10) Trains: Whether you'd rather live without this, or without this.

(8) Zippers vs. (9) Buttons: In Daniel's words, whether you side with Michael Jackson or the Pussycat Dolls. Know that I personally would never ever make that reference.

(4) Beer vs. (13) Glasses: You 20/100 a-holes better not ruin it for the rest of us. Without beer, civilization might not even exist. It's a small price to pay for bad vision. But don't let us sway you or anything.

(7) Anesthesia vs. (10) Pasteurization: Incredible, profound pain during surgery, at least until the doctor hits you over the head with a hammer and drops leeches all over you, goes against always having to drink potentially unsafe milk. Although I definitely know some people who aren't really safe to be around after they drink milk anyway.


  1. i take trains over boats. the development of the U.S. railway system began our ascension to industrial dominance. without it, we wouldn't have our big steam ships and battleships. also, the Southern Pacific was built by a guy named Leland Stanford. speaking of industrialization, the bessemer process is sorely missed in this bracket

  2. without boats, leland, there would be no trains in america cause there would be no america...'nuff said

  3. boats were basically discovered... some caveman sat on a log floating in a stream. poor inclusion.

  4. calculators are just a type of computer. just throwin that out there...

  5. I have the condom going to the second round and glasses beating beer.

  6. ...which is why they're a 16 seed, Eve. Stupid Eve.

  7. Beer...has to win everything

  8. The entry is 'beer' and not 'alcohol,' so I feel okay voting for glasses. Especially since without my glasses, I wouldn't be able to find the beer.