Thursday, March 25, 2010

Rooting for the Enemy

Have I enjoyed UNC's terrible season? You bet. Am I rooting for them to win the NIT? You're damn right I am. Wait, what? "Sam, why are you rooting for UNC? Don't you hate them with all your heart?"

The answer, of course, is yes. Which is exactly why I'm rooting for them. Nothing would make me happier than UNC having to raise an NIT Championship banner in the Dean Dome, because every time their fans looked up, they would see a constant reminder of Carolina's worst season since the Matt Doherty era.

And yes, I checked -- they do have NIT Championship banners. I think the players all get a certificate of participation too. With a gold star on it. The tourney MVP even gets a scratch 'n' sniff sticker on his. Good stuff.

"Well what if they don't want to raise a banner signifying that they're the 66th best team in the country? Can't they just win the damn thing and then forget it ever happened?"

What, and slight the players who worked so hard to ensure that technically, they finished the season ranked right behind Winthrop? Not likely. Even ol' Roy wouldn't stoop that low. At least I hope he wouldn't. I really want that banner.

Anyway, thanks for following the blog through Day 1. See you tomorrow for Day 2. I hope we were everything you hoped for, and more. Goodnight, readers. Both of you.


  1. Last night we had a legit discussion about whether or not I would buy a UNC NIT Champions t-shirt. My answer was yes, absolutely. And I would wear it with pride.

  2. Wow schnuri never looked at it that way.

  3. Perhaps it will hang next to this banner...

  4. The logic behind UNC being worse than Winthrop is flawed

  5. Enjoy this while you can, Schnur and Duke fans. No matter how bad they sucked this season; UNC will undoubtedly be a top 10 team next year.

  6. UNC started in the top 25 now they are in the NIT wow