Sunday, March 28, 2010

This is the Dawning of the Age of LaceDarius

Well, not quite. But he was really good. I'm going to avoid the lengthy recaps I've given to the other games, and instead just give you this:

Scheyer made shots when it mattered. Nolan was awesome. Singler's bad shooting was more pronounced than his albinism. Zoubek was somewhere in between "monster zoubek" and "retarded dinosaur Zoubek" today. (Yeah, I know you wanted to see that picture again too.) Baylor was solid all around, and LaceDarius Dunn was pretty spectacular, at least until he cooled off at the end. And I'm glad to see that Baylor has a Zoubek too. Nine minutes, five fouls, four points. Sounds about right.

Baylor was good. Duke was better. On to Indy. But now, we have much more important matters -- I present to you:

The play-in game of the 2010 Couchwarmers Invention Bracket Spectacular!

Your preliminary round matchup sees duct tape taking on the stapler for the right to move into the bracket and face the Telephone. Which one of these two adhesive adversaries will move on? Will the raw power of the stapler be able to overcome the do-it-all versatility of duct tape? Vote now! 

Voting will close sometime Monday afternoon when the field of 64 is officially announced. Please vote, because we're also trying to make sure that this voting thing is working right before the first round gets underway.


  1. I thought LaceDarius sucked. Yes, he 'wowed' early with his high flying dunks and acrobatics, but his basketball IQ is lower than Messer's regular IQ. Defensively, down the stretch he lost shooters everywhere. I know you're playing a zone, but why leave John Scheyer to double down on the Retarded Dinosaur? Also, he took terrible shots and was irresponsible in transition.
    The game was over when the refs called that questionable charge on Ekpe Udoh. Baylor was up 4 at that point. An 'and 1' would have put Baylor up 7. Instead, Duke went down and scored, up 2. But what can you expect? Its Duke. Refs are afraid of Coach K for some reason.
    Ultimately, Baylor's inability to limit Duke to 1 shot per possession down the stretch killed them. Which in turn, killed me. Because that game lost me a $2,100 pool. fml.

  2. That last post was so epic that I don't think that I can say amythinh more.