Sunday, June 13, 2010

Last Call For Bear vs. Shark

We can all agree that the abomination of God shown on the right might be the world's most perfect killing machine. However, bearsharks only exist in our collective imagination. Therefore, for the past few days, we've had you vote.

Consider this your last call to vote if you haven't yet. Voting closes tonight. This race is close. Extremely close. So every vote counts. Make your bear growl or equally-as-intimidating shark noise heard.


  1. Japanese goblin shark:

    Not exactly relevant to the matter at hand, but a damn sight scarier than any bear I've seen. Winnie the Pooh isn't haunting my dream, but this sucker is. 0:27 for the money shot.

  2. i think the fact that sharks don't have intimidating noises should count as a point for bears.

  3. Yes, but how do you know that to fish, sharks don't sound like Ving Rhames? You really have no idea what's going on with sound and all that stuff underwater.