Friday, April 16, 2010

Final Four Recap

We've made it down to the final four inventions. Soon, only two will remain standing. Now you may be asking yourself: what does the picture to the right have to do with any of this? Is it that "time is running out for the tournament"? No. This was just the first thing that came up on Google image search for "television telephone internet antibiotics."

Just remember, it all comes down to one more click of the mouse from each of you. Without further ado, the Final Four results:

(2) Internet reloads on (6) Antibiotics, 69-31

Many skeptics wanted to "penicillin" antibiotics for an early round loss but they fought off the haters (and fought off other things as well) en route to a shocking Final Four berth. Internet proved too much to handle, however, as it was continually refreshed throughout the game. Internet advances, much to the delight of Rick Astley and to the dismay of Greg Oden.

(1) Telephone rings (1) Television, 52-48
For those who saw this one, it was a matchup for the ages. People were concerned about the television's wiring but it demonstrated its control early, channeling its emotion into a large first half lead. Telephone came calling back and muted the television late to hold on for the win. This will be a tough loss for television viewers across the country, especially since telephone fans will all be calling them now to gloat.

So there we have it: (1) Telephone vs. (2) Internet for the glory of being the greatest invention ever. If you want real-time results for that matchup, check the blog or text us. Unfortunately, it won't be televised, since television has been eliminated. Tomorrow, Sam will provide an in depth look at the final round and voting will open. Stay tuned.

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  1. "penicillin" took me a moment... nice bad pun, Kubin.