Thursday, April 22, 2010

The One Where We Call Justin Tuck Pretending to be Drew Rosenhaus

For a full draft night recap, and for the story behind how we got Justin Tuck's number, check out our draft night liveblog. If you're waiting for the money shot, here you go. Armed with his number, and hoping that he doesn't know what Drew Rosenhaus' voice sounds like, we make the call:

(UPDATE: On Peter's urging, we took the video down after having it up for a couple of weeks. He said it would reflect poorly on him to have it floating around if and when he decided to get a job. We told him that as long as he wasn't applying for a job with the Giants, he would be fine. But he still insisted. We're not ones to upset friends of the blog. The video's been taken down.)


  1. i do not know who any of these people are. stop writing boring posts.

  2. Dear Madeleine,

    Watch sports.