Thursday, April 1, 2010

Second Round

After a spirited first round of the Couchwarmers Invention Bracket Spectacular that saw some powerful teams go down, we move on to Round Two. To refresh your memory, here's the first round recap. We'll leave second round voting open until sometime on Saturday, when we'll recap the round and let you know which inventions made it to the Sweet 16. We realize that we're not going to be done with this thing by the time the real tourney ends on Monday night, but just think of this as a way to help you recover from your yearly bracket addiction. We at the Couchwarmers like to let you down easy.

Tomorrow, I'm driving down to Durham, NC for some sort of basketball game. I may throw up a post sometime over the weekend, but for now, I leave you at the whim of Daniel's capable typing fingers. Just know that at least for the next few days, you should expect fewer food references and more god-awful puns.

Now on to the matchups. Some second round highlights include:

(1) Television vs. (8) Remote Control: Some people say that TV isn't worth watching if you have to stand up to change the channel. We say that it's irrelevant as long as you have easily-coercible friends.

(4) Batteries vs. (5) Interstate Highways: The matchup with its own logo.

(3) Plastic vs. (6) Paper: This guy will finally have an answer. Unless you're one of those hippies who brings his own bags. Then you're just annoying everyone.

(3) Concrete vs. (11) Condoms: What's the difference between a dead baby and concrete?

(3) Ball vs. (6) Antibiotics: The Cleveland Browns had to make this choice about a year and a half ago. They chose the antibiotics and haven't looked back since.

Voting's open. Your move, readers.

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  1. lots of upset potential in this round. I'm curious to see how it plays out. We may end up with an elite 8 with a ton of 5-6 seeds. And who would want something like that?