Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Quad, The Quad, The Quad is on Fire

We don't need no water, let that something something burn.

Gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat gloat.

Butler made us sweat. But Duke sweats championships. To all you Duke haters, my apologies; please keep reading the blog. To those of you who I went to school with, this one was for JJ, Shelden, Luol, Sean, Duhon, DeMarcus, and all of those McDonald's All-Americans who never had the chance. 

Be ready for a more comprehensive review tomorrow.


  1. Somebody smarter than me needs to figure out how to dub Luther Vandross's version over this video.

    Also Duhon was on the 2001 championship team, but the sentiment is noble nonetheless.

  2. Noted. He still deserves 2004 though. It's all Emeka's fault (with an assist from K).

  3. Yes, Duke is better. But not that much better. Butler executed pretty well through the game (out rebounding Duke 12-11 on the O glass) but I felt Butler missed some opportunities down the stretch. Late during BU's scoring drought, the ball needed to be in Gordon Heyward's hands every possession. (Not saying he needed to shoot every time, but the best player on the floor can make things happen). There were even times when an extra pass would have gotten GH wide open 3's. Oh well, he certainly had his chances at the end. 1 inch to the right and we have the greatest shot in the history of college basketball.
    Now some people think that after the Zoubek missed FT (why Zoubek would purposely miss a ft up 2 is retarded, like Zoubek) Butler should have called a TO and set up some sort of Christain Leitner full ct pass. This is a stupid idea because Butler would have had the ball underneath their own basket unable to run the baseline, with a 7'1 dude on the ball. They wouldn't have gotten a shot.
    I will say this about Brian Zoubek: He is the best game changing role player in the country.
    Interesting stat: Butler's bench outscored Dukes 15-0
    I hate Duke like Andy Messer hates David Levine, but congrats, Schnur.