Thursday, April 29, 2010

To V or Not To V

I had an internal conflict yesterday morning as I was preparing to bifurcate my day by going to the Mets game. You see, I am a Yankee fan so I had no rooting interest in the game nor did I have either team's paraphernalia to don. So I thought, if a jersey is out of the question, what qualifies as proper attire to wear to a baseball game? Can you wear a button-down shirt? At a Yankee game, sure, but this is the Mets we're talking about. They're the layperson's team. A guy in a button-down shirt at CitiField would stand out more than this thing or this thing. (Okay, that was a tasteless remark. What I really meant to say was that Mets fans should upgrade from coach to first class and support the classy organization that just so happens to have won 27 championships.)

Well, if a button-down is no good, how about a hoodie? Ah, much better. But what to wear under it? I could go with a t-shirt, a polo shirt, maybe even a regular white undershirt. I reached into my chest of drawers and happened on the one item I knew I couldn't wear to a baseball game: a V-neck t-shirt.

Yes, the v-neck, the article of clothing that is so controversial that people make YouTube videos about it. Which reminds me...Happy V-Neck Thursday!

There's something about V-necks that makes people think you're either awesome (see above) or, according to, "wearing a shirt with a collar the shape of a vagina" (I suppose that could be awesome too but let's assume it's not.) I can't think of any other article of clothing that has so many of both vocal supporters and equally vocal detractors, especially considering that it's just a t-shirt with a little less fabric.

Now, I know what most of you are thinking right now, and yes, I did start this post with a baseball theme in order to rope you into reading about my metrosexual ruminations, but this is a question that should be of interest to you and I would imagine is of particular interest to the three or four ladies who regularly read our blog (including Sam's sister): why is the V-neck so polarizing and in what social situations would you feel comfortable wearing one? I've already crossed baseball games off the list, so that leaves us with about 17,000 other situations. Could you wear one to the park on a Sunday afternoon? How about to a bar? A museum? Where do we draw the line? Your thoughts are much appreciated.


  1. If you are wearing business casual (Dan, that is a collared button down dress shirt and slacks or khakis), a V-Neck can be warranted. This way, you are wearing an undershirt that keeps you warm and prevents pit stains and will allow you to have your top button open without the white shirt showing.

    V-Necks are also only allowed with ample chest hair. (See UrbanDictionary "Brad Tabak")

  2. I don't know why you assume that chicks who read a blog that's primarily about sports would have any opinion on the v-neck whatsoever, but since you asked:

    I, personally, wear a v-neck when it's on top of the pile. For boys it's a little weird, but the point about the dress-shirt is well-taken. I've a friend (who does not have ample chest hair) who wears them regularly - the gym, the pub, wherever - and, despite slagging from his friends, is confident enough to pull it off. It's a noticeable fashion choice, but if you do it with confidence, it's perfectly acceptable. Also, if you enjoy a good bumming.