Friday, April 9, 2010

That Weekend Where People Watch Golf

That'll wrap up another tough work week here at the Couchwarmers. Consider this your last reminder to vote on the Elite 8. Matchups come down sometime tomorrow.

Daniel's Tiger post was a good one, but I'm going to quickly pile on with a few of my own not-as-serious thoughts. In yesterday's post, Daniel outlined why he's rooting for Tiger this weekend. His reasons were valid, and his logic was good.

I, however, am rooting against Tiger. Always have. And this has nothing to do with his personality or his recent parade of whores. As a Yankees fan and a Duke basketball fan, I just need to be able to root for the underdog somewhere. I appreciate Tiger's undeniable skill, but sometimes it's just nice to see someone come out of nowhere to take him down. Plus, as a former 240-pound adolescent, I understand what it's like to be a dude with boobs. So....go Phil.

Also, if you haven't seen the amazing parodies of Tiger's creepy new Nike commercial, look no farther.

A few more thoughts to close out the week:

If you're using Safari and you're tired of it constantly freezing up and crashing, do yourself a favor and switch over to Google Chrome. Holy Jesus is it fast.

On the way down to North Carolina last week, some friends and I stopped in Richmond and went to Richmond's premiere comedy club (yes, it's located in an outdoor mall), where we saw the incredibly funny Mike Birbiglia. If you haven't heard of him, check out these videos. The first one is a mix of his stuff, and the second one is his "baseball story." Consider the remaining videos in this post NSFW-WH (Not safe for work without headphones).

Thanks for sticking with us through yet another week. Here's your Friday reward video. Enjoy the golf.

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  1. your boobs make mickleson's look like A-cups