Monday, May 10, 2010

Brad Benson's Got a Giant Erection

Brad Benson was an offensive lineman on the New York Giants' 1986 Super Bowl Championship team. He also has a giant erection. Allow his new radio commercial to explain:

Or you could check out his website:
"When Brad Benson does things, he does them BIG! So when he says you can come to his Hyundai dealership to see his 40′ erection, he means it! Brad saved one of the Giants’ stadium goal posts from destruction and has it erected right in front of the New Jersey dealership! So whether you’re a Giants’ fan or not, it’s certainly a site to behold."
Oh, look -- an advertising banner:

So come on down to Brad Benson Hyundai to buy a car from the guy making a dick joke. If his great savings don't leave you smiling and satisfied, his giant erection most definitely will.

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