Thursday, May 27, 2010

A Call for Guest Writers

Recently, some of you have asked me, "Sam, how can I get a guest post on The Couchwarmers?"

Well, ask no more. I'm making an executive decision here. As long as you have an idea that's funny and/or interesting, you're in. Just as CNN has its iReports, which is basically a way for them to get other people to do the work that CNN is supposed to be doing, I have you guys.

I know you have ideas. I've heard them. I've even probably stolen a few of them. But if you guys want your say, I'm opening up the floor. Now, a brief FAQ:

Q: What should my post be about?
A: Anything. I don't care. Like I said before, it just needs to be interesting, informative and/or funny. I don't want to hear that you don't like traffic. No one does.

Q: So, no restrictions?
A: Well, mostly not. Just try to keep your post no worse than R-rated. Remember, not everyone knows what a Samoan Piledriver is.

Q: How long should my post be?
A: Again, it doesn't really matter. Type until you've said what you want to say.

Q: Let's say I have two ideas. Can I submit them both?
A: Absolutely. Less work for me. I love it. But for now, just start with one and if it turns out well, then go for number two.

Q: How do I submit my guest post?
A: You know the email. If in your post you want to link to something, just make a note of it -- for example, "I've never been able to dunk. In fact, I probably have worse ups than this guy (link to" Simple enough.

Q: Can I submit a post anonymously?
A: Sure. If I'm going to use something that you've submitted, you can choose to either go with your real name, or if you want, some sort of nickname that will hide your identity.

Q: Anything else?
A: All entries may be edited for grammar, spelling, clarity, and references to bodily fluids outside of the "big three."

Q: Will I receive anything if I get a guest post?
A: Yes. You will receive one share of Couchwarmers stock* for each entry that gets posted.
*Does not exist

Q: Is Daniel ever coming back? I miss his cluttered prose.
A: He says he'll be back after he takes the LSAT on June 7. So....maybe.

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