Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dale Peterson is Better Than That

First, we introduced you to Tim James, who, if elected governor of Alabama, wouldn't let people take their drivers license exams in foreign languages. To quote the candidate himself, "This is Alabama. We speak English." Yeah, it's probably a fairer point than most people give it credit for, but saying stuff like that would only fly publicly in about three states.

Then, the ante was upped by a public interest group that mocked Alabama gubernatorial candidate Bradley Byrne. They specifically went after how he believes that "evolution best explains the origins of life." Outlandish stuff, I know, but I hear the jury's still out on science.

Well, now we have someone else. Someone who's willing to out-'Bama the makers of both previous ads combined. Someone who knows that a campaign ad isn't really a campaign ad unless you're carrying a giant shotgun. Dale Peterson:

So when you go to the polls, vote for Dale Peterson. He's a Republican. He's better than that.

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