Friday, May 14, 2010

Friday Hodgepodge

It's Friday, you have suffered through a long work week, you were up late last night waiting for LeBron's postgame press conference and now you're sitting at your cubicle staring out the window, praying for 5 PM to come. I have the perfect remedy: a bunch of links that will let you kill time and perhaps even entertain you for a few seconds:

For those who thought The Wire was only five seasons long, think again. Avon Barksdale lives under the alias of Jose Delorbe. (Props to Jacob for passing that along)

Apparently, large breasts pay off for waitresses. Who knew? What I didn't know was that Hooters and other similar establishments were known colloquially as "breastaurants." Genius.

We've got ourselves a love rectangle...and it's getting heated. Kate Hudson thinks that Cameron Diaz is dating Alex Rodriguez in order to get back at Kate for dating Justin Timberlake just days after Cameron and JT broke up in 2007 (I am using the word "date" very loosely here, but we have young readers so that four letter word will have to do). This could get ugly soon. When Kate inevitably starts taking shots at A-Rod's bacne and/or shrunken testicles, we'll be sure to pass that on.

I agree with President Obama: Rush Limbaugh should play with himself.

For all our Miami readers, watch your step on your way to work -- there may be six foot nurse sharks lying in the street.

We know that Kevin Garnett thinks anything is possible, but now he admits it can be a little less possible when you let that whole loyalty thing get in the way. Follow the bright lights, LeBron. And to the rest of you, have a great weekend.

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