Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Your Daily Dose of Southern Ignorance

A few weeks ago, we linked to Alabama governor candidate Tim James' campaign video. You remember -- the "speak English or get the hell out, all in the name of good business" one. Well now, some sort of Bible-thumping public interest group has decided to one-up Tim James and go the "spit in the face of science" route in their new smear campaign aimed at candidate Bradley Byrne:

"Alright class, please open up your textbooks to page 45. Now at the end of our last class, we were reading about how God created the dinosaurs. Remember? What did he do? That's right, he snapped his fingers and they just appeared out of nowhere. But the dinosaurs eventually all died. And why did God kill the dinosaurs? That's right, class -- because one of them decided to become a homosexual."

Have a fantastic night. Enjoy Game 7.

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