Wednesday, May 5, 2010

A New Voice

Tomorrow, I will be venturing upstate to Cornell University for Slope Day and so I will likely be too busy this weekend pretending I'm still in college to post. However, have no fear: the Couchwarmers have a plan b. Sam and I have a mutual friend who has arguably spent more time warming a couch recently than either of us, having lived on his friend's couch for the past six months. He fits the Couchwarmers' contributory requirements: he is unemployed, watches a lot of television and is well-versed in all things pop culture and sport. Therefore, in preparation for my possible post sabbatical, Sam and I have offered Peter the opportunity to guest post. If he blogs as well as he cuts whatever he's cutting in the picture above, then we're all in for a treat. This space is sacred; we have a loyal readership to cater to and we've made that clear to Peter but he insists that he is up to the task.

So here's the deal:

We're looking at Peter's post as an audition of sorts. If he proves himself worthy of sharing the proverbial couch, as we fully expect him to, we may offer him a full-time spot (or at least as full-time as any blog created by unemployed people can be). If he decides to post about the Golden Girls or anything that makes us feel like this, then we're either going to pretend that we don't know him or give him the Chris "Mad Dog" Russo treatment.

Anyway, consider this his introduction. We know him as "Peter," or sometimes more affectionately as "Lil' George," or sometimes even more affectionately as "Little." He could very well be a part of the team for the long run.

So welcome to the big leagues, Little. Remember, you're speaking for 9.7% of us, so choose your words wisely. Godspeed.