Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Your Daily Dose of Drunken Crazy

Yes, the New York Rangers may not have even made the playoffs, but rest assured, they're still making headlines. Last week, Sean Avery (who you probably know even if you're not a hockey fan) and Aaron Voros (who you probably don't) got into an altercation with Lindsay Lohan at a NYC club. Evidently Lindsay wanted the hockey players' table gone and threw a drink in Voros' girlfriend's face because Lohan claimed Voros was her ex-boyfriend.

And then the best part: Voros denied even knowing her. We all think of her as an absolute disaster, but I'm sure Lindsey Lohan considers herself a star. Aaron Voros, pictured on the right getting his face punched in, is arguably the least talented player on the Rangers. The one thing he does a lot of is get in fights. And when he gets in fights, the one thing he does a lot of, is lose. If a guy like that basically tells you to fuck off, you can pretty much assume your career is over. Maybe you should've chosen Sean Avery as your fake ex. At least he's enough of an asshole to make it believable.

Switching stations, a friend of mine is working at Alinea, the restaurant of chef Grant Achatz, this summer. He's also writing about the whole experience for the San Francisco Chronicle. If you're someone who loves food, here's your chance to see the inner workings of a kitchen at a world-class restaurant. As for me, I'm just hoping that this plug will get some free food sent my way.

And now, I'm off to The Stadium to see the two best teams in baseball. Go Yankees.

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