Monday, May 24, 2010

Weekend Recap, Now with Irony (But Not Really)

Welcome back for another work week, loyal readers. For those of you upset about having to start another week of work/school, and with a nod to Danica Patrick, here's something that's sure to put a smile on your face:

Yes, Danica Patrick was booed yesterday after Indy 500 qualifying when she blamed her team for her shitty driving. I believe I've already made my joke here.

Oh look, the Celtics are up 3-0 in their series. In case you don't remember what happened just one week ago, the last time that this happened to a Boston team, it didn't turn out so well for them. Personally, I was just thrilled to hear a "the last time a team came back from a 3-0 deficit" stat on SportsCenter and not have to hear them mention Yankees-Red Sox.

Something about The Supreme Court and the NFL. Deadspin did a whole "what this means" thing, but I really don't feel like reading the whole post. Can anyone out there summarize this in like three sentences or less?

One final LOST tidbit: On the DVD of the final season, due out last this summer, the producers reveal some of the answers to the unanswered questions, including The Man in Black's name, which has been leaked already.

The 24 series finale is tonight. For a show that's provided eight seasons of constant entertainment, some of it awesome (the first few seasons), some of it ridiculously outlandish (well....that would be all of it, I guess), it's definitely gotten eclipsed by all of the LOST stuff. But for the second night in a row, you get to witness the end of an era. It's a two-hour show tonight, so I'll put Jack Bauer's kill count over/under at 17.5.

And now, some flow chart-related education: Irony. I do not think that word means what you think it means.

And finally, in food news, I'm considering postponing my sandwich experiment just long enough to make a "Swanson." But as soon as that's over, it's right back to the sandwich thing. Or maybe I'll have another Swanson. If anyone cares to join me, you know where to find me. Happy Monday.

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  1. Remember a few years back when the Rangers sued the NHL because they didn't want to change their website to the league template? This is kind of like that, but in reverse: the Court ruled that the NFL is a blanket organisation that has 32 independant money-making entities underneath it. It's important because it means that leagues - all of them, if the ruling is upheld - cannot function in bargaining as a union, which is important in things like, for example, CBA discussions.

    This bit is worth reading:
    "Other sports leagues are not happy right now. Both the NBA and NHL filed amicus briefs in support of the NFL, hoping the precedent would give them more powers. With the NHL recently having to bail out a handful of teams, and a labor stoppage looming for the NBA, it could have been big. NASCAR, MLS, and most chillingly, the NCAA also publicly supported the NFL."