Wednesday, May 12, 2010

LOST, Quantified

On the heels of last night's cool/strange/disappointing episode of LOST, here are some graphs and charts (courtesy of GraphJam) to hold you over until Daniel posts later this afternoon after his practice LSAT. He promises he's going to post this time, so I'll put the actual percentages at 60/40 that you'll actually get something from him this afternoon. Until then, enjoy the visuals, and feel free to share your thoughts about last night's episode.


  1. I usually like the episodes that veer away from the normal cast members. See this season's"Ab Richardo" and season 2's "The Other 48 Days." Both were awesome. This episode thought it could get thru by "answering questions." Ok, now we know who the original "Adam and Eve" are but thats not a huge discovery for me. Also we know who the smoke monster is (this is more interesting) Especially after coming off 'the most emotionally riveting episode of the last 3 seasons' its a hard act to follow- but this ep left me disappointed.

  2. last night's episode was one of the worst television episodes of all time. It was built up to be something great and it didn't deliver in terms of answers, clearing up issues, pushing the story forward or making us care about the characters. What a travishamockery