Friday, May 21, 2010

A Cash Cab PSA

Like most of you who have ever been to New York City, there's only one thing I can think of as I'm walking the streets, and no, it's not Empire State of Mind on repeat. I of course, am looking at all of the van cabs and trying to see if they're the Cash Cab. I would say not to pretend that you don't do it too, but I think most people are pretty forthcoming about it. If you've seen the show once, you really never look at a van cab the same way again.

I'm also sure that most of you have heard varying things about how much of a surprise Cash Cab actually is to the contestants -- I've heard everything from "it's all a surprise" to "you're pre-screened and they tell you exactly where to go to get picked up." Alright, let's get to the bottom of this.

Well, that was much easier than I expected. Chalk one up for this guy, with a sweet set-up from Google. The answers are all here. Some highlights, taken directly from the article. Consider all of this quoted:
  • Some contestants are indeed random, and are picked up off the streets of New York. Not all of these contestants make it on the show, even if they play a complete game, however. Keeping in mind that the goal of any television program is to entertain, there are bound to be some contestants that just don't deliver.
  • Other contestants are indeed screened and/or recruited. There have been reports of a variety of different methods for this process – some people have said that they were approached on the street and asked if they'd be interested in appearing on a game show. Others have attended auditions and played mock trivia games.
  • The key thing to understand though is that none of these contestants, pre-screened or otherwise, know that they are about to play Cash Cab. Those who have auditioned or been recruited are told that they have made the cut, and that a taxi is coming to pick them up and take them to the filming location. Of course, when that cab arrives, it's the Cash Cab.
  • The money that the contestants get as they exit the cab, which is meant to represent their winnings, isn't real cash at all. Lots of game shows do this. The contestants get fake cash, but are sent a real check after their episode airs.
Yes, Virginia....there is a Cash Cab. The dream lives on. I hope this news makes your morning as pleasant as it's made mine.

As always, we'll be back later this afternoon with your weekend primer and Friday reward video. It's a beautiful day outside. Try not to work too hard.

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  1. alright, great show
    seen it on the street setting up sound to air...sick
    also, that fake cash that people get, there is a producer down the block who takes it from them right after, and ben bailey does have an earpiece telling him the questions
    yes, i already did all of this research type stuff