Friday, May 28, 2010

From Pork Chops to Clambakes

This weekend, I head up to a friend's house in New Hampshire for a legit New England clambake -- you know, the one where they cook up lobsters, steamers, etc. with the seaweed and everything. It sounds absolutely perfect, except for the profuse case of the seafood sweats I'm sure to get by the time I'm on my second lobster. Whatever. It's gonna be awesome. Yet another experience to cross off my list. When I wake up from my food coma, I'll have a full recap for you.

Now occupying the top spot on my bucket list of eating experiences: a pig pickin'. If you or anyone you know is having one, drop me a line. I spent the first twenty-one years of my life in the south and I still haven't crossed it off my list. That's just embarrassing.

But whether you're spending this glorious Memorial Day weekend at a clambake, a pig pickin', or whatever they do out west, I hope it's a great one. Yes, my friends, this is the official unofficial start of summer. And that makes The Couchwarmers very, very happy.

It's also a three-day weekend, which for those of you who earn a paycheck, is nice. For us, it just means that we're not weekend recapping until Tuesday. Regardless of your employment situation though, it's always a good thing when Monday gets swallowed up by the weekend. For one glorious weekday, everyone is part of the 9.9%.

Since I'll be away and Daniel is still on his self-imposed exile, don't expect too much from us over this long weekend. Although notice I didn't say not to expect nothing at all from us -- this is because Ridiculous Hypothetical #2 is all set to go. It'll probably go up late Saturday sometime. This is one you can have some fun with too. I'm really hoping for some good responses here.

Also, don't forget the golden opportunity you've been given to have a guest post here on The Couchwarmers. Unfortunately, the first submission we got wasn't so much a column as it was an email from one of my friends basically trying to get me to use the blog as a way to find a summer sublet in NYC. But since he was the first to submit something, I'm willing to mention it. So if you have an apartment you're looking to sublet for the summer, I know someone who needs one.

On tap for the long weekend:

The Indy 500. The majority of the cars will be driving well and aiming for the victory, but four of the cars will be cutting across several lanes without signaling and possibly backing into large, stationary objects.

The NCAA lacrosse semifinals are on Saturday. Notre Dame takes on Cornell and Duke plays UVA. The winners play in the finals on Monday. For a sport that doesn't really get a lot of publicity unless someone is accused of rape or murder, it's actually pretty exciting, and something I make sure to always check out if I can over Memorial Day weekend.

The Stanley Cup Finals begin on Saturday night, and if there's a God, the Flyers won't win.

Actually, if there's a God, he's probably focusing all of his attention on the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. First, the Bruins blow a 3-0 series lead to the Flyers. Now the Celtics, who were once up 3-0, have lost the last two to the Magic, closing the gap to 3-2. Two more Orlando wins and the city of Boston may never recover. Please please please please please please please.....

Thanks for sticking with us through yet another week, loyal readers. Here's your Friday reward video. Have a safe and happy holiday weekend.


  1. I also know a great pig pickin' place as well Sam

  2. I got you a pig pickin place, in fact, a restaurant

    daisymaysbbq ($800 for a FULL pig sides etc. included)